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WHAT: A week of backgammon chouettes, a $1,000 entry High Roller tournament, Poker, and many fun side events including PaskoGammon and SpeedGammon and MoneyGammon, BazukiGammon, Ping Pong, Tennis, Gin Rummy and Hearts.

WHERE: All events will take place on the Ocean-front estate of Joseph Issa. Guests will be housed at one of the many beautiful villas adjoining Joey’s estate or a nearby resort hotel. The price for accommodations will vary depending on the luxury you choose. 

FEES: There is a hospitality fee of $300 per person which covers ALL your food and drink (including beer and wine) for the three days of the tournament. Events will include a 10 percent rake from the winner’s share.


Monday:  Chouettes.

Tuesday: Side events, chouettes.

Wednesday: Organized chouettes and side events.

Thursday: Pre-tournament ($300 entry, single elimination.) 

Fri, Sat and Sunday: The Main Event. 

We will start Friday morning at 11AM and continue through Sunday. (17-19.)  The entry fee is $1000 and there will be two optional $500 side pools.  It will be a Swiss event.  That means that the first round is random, and then winners keep playing winners each round. You can win the tournament until you lose three times. You can win money until you lose 4 times. Therefore, you are guaranteed 4 rounds of play minimum. 9 Point matches with clocks. 

TOURNAMENT DETAILS: Your tournament directors are Phil Simborg, Jeb and Robin Horton. USBGF Rules will apply, including one set of dice, baffle box preference, legal moves, clocks, and kindness to all.

SPECIAL TOURS: There will be special tours and free backgammon lessons for spouses and children.

Note: This is an invitational event. TD’s reserve the right to reject anyone for any reason. Only nice, honest, fun, polite people need apply.

To reserve a place, email